Jewelry Care – Wanderlust 195

Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements (think back to your high school chemistry class). Tarnish can also be caused by the amount of oil in the skin, lotions, exposure to other tarnished jewelry, improper storage, etc. The way you store your jewelry when not being worn can influence how quickly it tarnishes. When you are not wearing your jewelry, it should be stored in a jewelry box or plastic bag (to avoid contact with the air). Also, please keep it away from touching other jewelry, especially pieces that are already tarnished. To actively prevent tarnish from building up, periodically polish your pieces with a polishing cloth or take it to get professionally cleaned. 

Gold Plating

Our jewelry is unique, just like everyone's skin. Since there are physiological and lifestyle factors that can affect your jewelry, we want you to consider the type of metal you are buying and know the options. We want to make sure that the jewelry you order has a long life. 

If you or the person you are buying this jewelry for has skin that is prone to oiliness and acidity, those oils can break down the gold plating very quickly. Also, if you wear fragrant lotion, hairspray, or spray perfume onto your neck near the jewelry, that also can break down the plating over time. However, there are other options you can consider purchasing.

If you are looking to wear this jewelry 24/7 (never taking it off), you should go for our 10k and 14k yellow gold products. This is also a great option for people who are active, whether it is walking, running, or swimming. We want everyone to understand the plating characteristics so it can last forever. We understand that solid gold is more expensive BUT it will last much longer on skin types that don't work well with plated styles.

Steps for Jewelry Care 

    1. Spray your perfume before putting on your jewelry. This helps prevent the chemicals from reacting with the metals on your jewelry.
    2. Make sure your lotion is dry before putting on your jewelry. Lotion can also react with metal.
    3. Oils and sweat react with jewelry over time, so it is best to remove your jewelry before doing any physical activity such as running or swimming.
    4. Helpful tip: After each use, clean your plated jewelry with a dry cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove dirt/dust. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth also helps restore shine.
    5. To clean your jewelry further, use warm and soapy water. Soak it for a few minutes and then clean it with a soft brush. Be aware that certain jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps have chemical components that will make gold plated jewelry tarnish more quickly.
    6. Avoid scratches by wrapping your jewelry in a soft cloth after cleaning or keep it in a jewelry box separate from your other jewelry.