Mission Statement – Wanderlust 195

Mission Statement

Wanderlust 195 - a collectable jewelry line that showcases a traveler's passport. A stylish way to keep your favorite destinations close to your heart, whether it is a new country, state or city.


Mission Statement

Our jewelry collection is inspired by the 195 beautiful countries around the world, each unique in their own way. Many of these countries lack the necessary resources needed to live a healthy life. That is why 5% of all our profits will be donated to charity: water, which provides millions of people access to clean water. Having access to clean water improves the health of the individuals, boosts local economies, empowers women and increases the amount of time that children spend at school. When a community gets water, women and girls get their lives back. They start businesses, improve their homes, and take charge of their own futures. charity: water has already helped over 8 million people (located in 26 countries) gain access to clean drinking water AND your purchase will only increase that number!       _______________________________________________________________________
Whether you have backpacked through multiple countries, went on an amazing family vacation or just want to showcase your beloved country or state, our jewelry will help you cherish your wonderful memories. The more pieces of jewelry you acquire, the more people you have helped around the world! Traveling awakens the mind, body and soul. We hope you continue seeking the beauty in the world and never lose that wanderlust feeling.     _______________________________________________________________________

Our jewelry symbolizes: travel, adventure, world peace & charity

Proudly made in the USA!